A One of a Kind Experience

We are so excited for you to come visit and have a one-of-a-kind You-Pick experience. Our You-Pick flowers begin to bloom from June until the first frost in early October, with July-September being our peak months. Please check out our Flowers & Vegetables page to see what we have growing and when. Come experience the charm of rural Upstate New York, the solace of relaxing among the flowers, and the joy of escaping the stress of everyday life.

We are located at 259 Scotch Bush Road in Burnt Hills, N.Y. Please look for the Stem & Stone sign along the west side of Scotch Bush Road. When you arrive, please pull in and park just beyond the farmhouse. There, you will see parking signs to guide you. Once parked, come on over to the Stem & Stone Market and we will get you ready to pick your flowers!
flowers local cuts

How It Works

Each You-Pick appointment is priced based on the vessel size you choose. We accept cash, Venmo and PayPal as forms of payment. All visitors are required to check in and, at that time, we will provide you with the vessel you reserved and pruners for cutting. Each 90-minute appointment allows plenty of time to take in the beauty of the farm and flower fields and enjoy your time away from the daily grind.

You are invited to stroll through the flowers, snip fresh blooms, snap some photos and soak in the outdoors. We will be available to answer your questions, if you have any. Otherwise, we will leave you to enjoy the experience!

Things To Keep In Mind

We love our pets as much as you do! Unfortunately, for the safety of all visitors (and all animals!), dogs and other pets are not allowed on visits to the farm. Please leave them home during your appointment.

When dressing for your visit, please keep in mind that this is a working farm. The ground may be uneven or rough in places, so appropriate footwear is required. Because the grounds may be wet or muddy, no flip flops or bare feet are permitted. In addition, strollers do not work well in our field!

One last word of caution: Bring your EpiPen, if needed. We have beehives on the property. The bees are not interested in stinging while they are collecting pollen. However, it could happen. If someone in your party has a severe allergy, please be prepared. Hats, sunscreen and bug spray are all great items to bring along, as well.

We have a port-a-potty on the grounds for visitors. Some folks are happy to use them, and some aren’t. Please plan accordingly and be prepared.