About The Farmers

Stem & Stone Farm is owned by Courtney and Nelson Stone. After 25+ years of working in engineering and construction, Courtney decided that it was time to be present for her family and invest in giving back to her local community, as well as Mother Nature. Courtney enjoys spending as much time as she can outdoors, being creative and making those around her feel as grateful as she does. Nelson still works full time off the farm, but he can’t resist spending time in his tractor, building new structures for the farm, fishing for striped bass, or immersing himself in any woodworking projects. Courtney and Nelson have been together since 2003, living in multiple New England states. They are happy to be back in Upstate New York with their two amazing young daughters and can’t wait to share their farm with you.

History of Stem & Stone

Stem & Stone is situated on 72 acres in the town of Ballston, which was formed in 1785. On the property is a colonial home, circa 1877, which was built with a barn attached to the back side of the house and used to store firewood. Also on the property is a detached barn, also built in 1877, which is used for horses and wheat. A private road leads to a peaceful, spring-fed pond and continues out to a sunflower field. Walking trails meander throughout the property, which allows one to take in the beauty of the surrounding wildlife.

Why Choose Local?

One of the reasons behind Courtney’s passion to launch Stem & Stone Farm was not only to grow local beautiful flowers to share with her community, but to have other local farms and individuals be able to sell their items at Stem & Stone’s market stand. Having space for local farmers and independent business owners to showcase their products alongside Courtney’s own was a main driver behind opening the farm.

There are countless reasons one might choose to invest their time and money into local farms – creating jobs for your friends and neighbors, contributing to improved public infrastructure, and investing in your community both socially and economically, to name a few. Other gains from choosing local is using less packaging and fossil fuels, as well as fostering a better shopping experience all around.

Stem & Stone Farm is proud to belong to the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, The Farmers Bureau, and the Capital Region Chamber of Commerce.